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Jio App for Android – MyJio App Launch By Reliance Jio is the telecommunication subsidiary of the Reliance Industries group. It is one of the biggest corporate conglomerates in India with interests ranging from petrochemicals to textiles. Within India, Reliance Industries is a household and premium brand name and has either the highest or among the highest level of market capitalization.The Reliance Jio services was launched to the general public in September 2019. It uses Long Term Evolution (LTE) network across the length and breadth of India’s 22 telecom circle.The services are delivered exclusive over the 4G network and they became the first telecommunications company to offer the same on a pan India basis. MyJio uses the Voice over LTE technology to provide high speed internet and voice to its subscribers. Within a span of three years i.e. by 2019 end, it had become the largest mobile operator in India in terms of subscribers. As of today, Jio has more than 350 million subscribers. The high speed 4G internet and the very competitive rates of voice calling has made it the top operator in India.It goes without saying that Reliance brand name also matters here. When the services were launched little over three years back, it sorts of created a second mobile revolution in India. The subscribers registering before a cut-off date were given three months of voice and data absolutely free. This means users in any part of India could watch live streaming news, sports, music, TV reality shows, movies on VOLTE 4G Technology and high speed internet access. Along with their operator service, Reliance Jio also launched LYF mobile phone which was compatible with 4G technology. All the smartphones models for MyJio services are Android and IOS phones. Along with the services, they also launched a multitude of apps on Google paly to manager their different services. The My Jio app is the most important one for the subscribers. It is basically for manging all the aspects related to the account and the various digital and operator services given to the user cum subscriber. The Jio app is applicable only for those who are using the Jio numbers on their Android phones.In other words, it is not a third party app. This includes the my Jio app as well as well other apps of the company released for the smartphone device.MyJio Apk Download
About the My Jio App – This app is the most powerful user management tool for all the Jio users. It is the access to all the digital tools and services of MyJio. It is very similar to someone driving a vehicle to reach their destination. The vehicle is the medium and the facilities inside the vehicle make the journey comfortable and at ease. The My Jio app has many features that gives the users several options to manage their account.The app enables complete voice and data usage management and gives all the necessary options and features to use the different services. The most important is of course to make recharges for the different data and voice plans. By logging into the app through their Jio number, users can see the different plans that are applicable and their current plan validity. Al recharges can be done through the app. It they have to know their redeemable vouchers this is possible to be done only through the MyJio and not anywhere else. (recharge can be done through web and google pay as well). The other main function is to check the data balance and its till- moment usage. The current plan validity needs to be checked when taking any recharge. The MyJio service will inform accordingly. All the recharge and top-ups and pre-paid is based on the plan date expiry. The app accordingly informs the user so that they know which plan to select. As far as the voice services are concerned it gives details of all existing recharge plans, the charges per call along with the duration, the balance amount pending after each call. message usage charges wherever applicable. It gives details on the nearest Wi-Fi hot spots and also the store locators in and around the area. Every time a recharge is done, the notification is sent on the email since the app and the registered email of user is synchronized.The other helps from My Jio include the trouble shoot and all other related help issues which gives the user a smooth and hassle free usage pattern. These tips give advice like how to restrict data excess and unwanted usage and other technical guidance. There is also the hello Jio section which gives answers to many queries and doubts of the customer. This is like a ready reckoner guide that will answer all the queries and doubts.The MyJio can be downloaded from the Google Play store to the Android phone. It can be logged into using the SIM number of Jio or it can be done through a one-time password. The MyJio also helps to manage the different other Jio apps since it is like master app of the various services. By searching on MyJio, the different apps and its features can be found,installed and used on the smart phone. It is also possible to log into the different accounts using a single user login. Summarized services of MyJio – It has a simplified login to give much better customer experiences with different product types. Nothing much complicated about this and its very much simple and easy. It is layman level handling! The login can be done through the SIM thereby giving total and complete authenticity. Once the usage starts then My Jio makes things much easy for the user through its quick search functionality. It has a 3D touch and most of the regular used features can be accessed with easy shortcuts.The My Jio gives prompt user based and studied notifications. The users can receive personalized items and emails based on given account details and patterns of usage.Within the MyJio, there are several other mini apps that give a higher power packed functionality to the main app. It’s all about more ease, performance and power.The call usage details can be checked for all services like high speed data, voice calls, messages The different usage levels for each can be verified. With every usage, the real time data or voice account balance can be verified. This will help the user to keep tab on their call and data usages and control when necessary. It gives detailed bill statements for both prepaid and post-paid. This can be taken by logging into the app – account. The settings can be changed according to the personal profile and the Jio account. The My Jio app manages the Jio fibre Wi-Fi device. It can decide the password and all other settings and allow specified access to the device. Users can put the Do Not Disturb – DND preference. They can block and select specified categories. My Jio takes care of all international roaming functions and features. The Jio cinema is another popular app which can be managed through my Jio. Get to know all the details of the latest movie release and previews and the box office progress. The running guide to the movie theatre. Become the first one to watch the latest web series that gets released on video content sites and also the first to watch the latest hit Bollywood movies. Get to see them almost on the same day of theatre release. The Jio cloud feature stores data, files, audio and videos and every other critical information. There is extensive data, storage and network settings that can be very easily managed by the user. The My Jio is the perfect digital assistant to the user. Using the Jio interact, they can engage in conversations with many top notch celebrities This can be done through the AI platform of Interact. The hello Jio is the voice assistant feature which helps the user with most of their queries. APP TECH DETAILS – New feature additions are regular in the MyJio. The latest update is of December 2019. The current and running version is 6.0.07 and the minimum Android requirement is 5.0 and above. The APK file size is 28 MB.  
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